Masterclass 2018

4th - 13th July 2018
Debrecen, Hungary

Mikael Wedar

Mikael Wedar is an excellent Swedish choral conductor, church musician and singer. Mr. Wedar studied at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and is a graduate of conducting, piano and singing. He has been working as an organist, and directing choirs since 1995. From 2003 to 2011 he was professor of choral singing at the Stockholmen Music Gymnasium. Since 2012 he has worked as a church musician in the parish of Farsta in Stockholm. Throughout his career has collaborated with some of the most distinguished choirs in Stockholm, including the Eric Ericson Chamber Choir and the Swedish Radio Choir. In 2007 he founded the St. Jacob's Youth Choir and has been their artistic and musical director ever since. Under his leadership the choir has won the following prizes: Grand Prize at the Slovakia Cantat in Bratislava, third place in the Harald Andersén Chamber Choir Competition in Helsinki (Finland), the Grand Prize in Tolosa (Spain-Basque Country) in 2013. thus achieving the right to compete in the 2014 European Grand Prix for Choral Singing, held in Debrecen (Hungary), were his choir achieved the highest accolade.

Máté Szabó Sipos

Máté Szabó Sipos is the conductor of Kodály Choir Debrecen. He gained a degree in choral and orchestra conducting. He has been the leading conductor of the Symphonic Orchestra of Eger since 1996. From 1994 he held conducting seminars at Liszt Ferenc  Academy.  From 2000 he was the artistic director and conductor of Kodály Choir, then the chorus master of the Hungarian State Opera. Since 2016 he has been the conductor of Debrecen Kodály Choir again, and member of the artistic committee of the Béla Bartók International Choir Competition. He gives courses both in Hungary and abroad.

Kodály Choir Debrecen

The Debrecen Kodály Choir was founded in 1955 by György Gulyás and is one of Hungary's oldest and most highly regarded professional concert choirs. The choir is mainly sponsored by the city of Debrecen. They have an extensive repertoire, ranging from the a cappella pieces through the European classical oratorios to the latest contemporary choral works. Also, they have an impressively long list of first performances of Hungarian and other European compositions. They have many audio-visual and CD recordings. Since its foundation the choir has given more than 2000 concerts in 40 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Brilliant conductors, such as Miklós Erdélyi, János Ferencsik, Iván Fischer, Ervin Lukács, Ádám Medveczky, Tamás Vásáry, Pierre Cao, Lamberto Gardelli, Martin Haselböck, Jürgen Jürgens, Dmitrij Kabalevszkij, Kobayashi Ken-Ichiro, Ennio Morricone, John Nelson, Helmuth Rilling, Karolos Trikolidis, Howard Williams, Peter Broadbent and Zoltán Kocsis conducted the choir.

Musicians, performers, composers and pedagogues are getting more and more interested in how to construe and interpret the choral works of the 20th and 21st century. Following this need the Artistic and the Managing Committee of the Béla Bartók International Choir Competition announces an international masterclass with a subject-matter of choral compositions of the 20th and 21st century.
This masterclass is unique because a professional choir, the Kodály Choir Debrecen is going to be at service for conducting practice as a laboratory choir. Professors of the masterclass are well-known conductors chosen from the international jury of the competition. Teaching language of the class is English.
Taking part at the masterclass is possible for active, as well as passive student. Active students are conducting at the final concert. Participation will be proved with a bilingual certification drawn up by University of Debrecen Faculty of Music.

Mikael Wedar (Sweden)
Máté Szabó Sipos (Hungary)

Date of the Masterclass:
4th - 13th July 2018.

Application deadline:
31st May 2018.

Application form can be downloaded:



Conditions of participation:

Musical curriculum vitae, references of own choir or suggestion of the professor in conducting, knowledge of the English music terminology.


Professional requests:

Ágnes Török – conductor, artistic secretary

Other requests: Zsombor Zilinyi – artistic manager

Subjects of the masterclass:

  • Conducting:
    - conducting techniques
    - laboratory choir/choral singing
  • Contemporary choral literature in practice:
    - visiting the programmes of the Béla Bartók International Choir Competition
    - interpretation analysis



Szabó Sipos Máté

Szabó Barna Lachrymarium - Me, me and none but me 2014 Kontrapunkt
Horváth Márton Levente Missa omni tempore - Kyrie, Gloria 2006
Orbán György Se nappalom, se éjjelem (Második kóruskönyv II.) 1984 EMB Budapest
Vajda János O vos omnes

Gyöngyösi Levente Te lucis ante terminum 2003 EMB Budapest

Mikael Wedar

Linda Alexandersson Memento 2009 Gehrmans GE 12075
Sven Erik Bäck Ecce ascendimus Jerosolyma 1959
Gehrnans N10039
Per Nörgård Wiigen-lied 1980 Edition W. Hansen WH 30351
Jaakko Mäntyjärvi Double, Double Toil and Trouble 1984
Sulasol S343
Kim André Arnesen Even when he is silent 2011 Walton WW1579

Expected costs of the class:

Participation fee:  
- For active conductors:  300 €
- For active students: 200  €
- For passive conductors: 100  €
- For passive students:   50  €
Accommodation in youth hostel: 190  €

The service starts on 4th July 2018, 14:00 and ends on 14th July, 10:00.
The prices do not include the costs of travelling, meals and of the compulsory literature.
If you need any help with higher class hotel arrangements, please contact the competition office at info@bbcc.hu.

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